Thursday, June 6, 2013


TO the Justices of the Supreme Court of Jamaica:

I proudly stand for Equality

With the first domestic challenge to our countries Bugger Law approaching I am writing to express my support for its removal.

In our unique and special motto “out of many one people” it is hard to believe that homosexuals are a part of that group with the current discriminatory laws that are on our law books

It is a fundamental step for our nation to have all Jamaican equal under the law in securing our 2030 vision as a develop nation

Offering every Jamaican the same rights and responsibility of citizenship to live, work, do business and grow a family without fear from discrimination and harassment because of who they love, or where they worship is pivotal for our development

I therefore Support:

The rights for every gay and lesbian citizen to be offered the same legal protection under our Charter of Rights just as people of different races, religions and nationalities.

The removal of the Buggery Law and Gross Indecency Act, which has subjected only gays and lesbians to discrimination and harassment

The religious liberties of all Jamaicans be respected, whilst protecting and defending the rights of minority groups including gay and lesbians

I therefore call on the Supreme Court of Jamaica to exercise judicial review over such a vital matter for many Jamaicans and respect the rights and gays and lesbians to be free form violence, discrimination, harassment and death both in law and governance.
Kenneth Davis

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