Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OUTWEEKLY to launch campaign on the Hilton Hotel Chain in Jamaica, after a series of attack on the countries LGBT community.

The Hilton Kingston Jamaica
77 Knutsford Boulevard Kingston 10, and

Rose Hall Resort & Spa, a Hilton Resort
Rose Hall Road, Montego Bay, Jamaica

After a series of verbal attacks and treats of violence and death from members of the security team and members of staff at the Hilton Kingston Jamaica, OUTWEEKLY have decided to take up the mammoth task by campaigning for change at the Hotel Chains in Jamaica.

With the theme “Zero tolerance for homophobes” OUTWEEKLY will collaborate with local and International organization in an effort to tackle the high level of homophobia and bigotry that are face by the countries LGBT community when staying or visiting at the Hilton Chain of Hotels in Jamaica.

The Campaign aims to create an atmosphere free from discrimination and fear, to promote love and understanding for everyone who decides to visit or vocation at the Hiltons regardless of sexual orientation.

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GLBTQ Jamaica Linkup Mod said...

While this is commendable on the face of it, the behaviour of some of our GLBT persons is much to be desired. For years fights and other disruptive actions have happened there and the management has kept the doors open whilst employing new security measures to curtail the unruly behaviour.

We need to learn to use safe spaces but as usual we take things to another level when we are given some leeway.

Personally I have not been to the hotel's regular Friday night Karaoke event which is widely supported by members of the public for years but going there one would think it's for gays only with almost total disregard for other guests who are using the space.

Without justifying the security detail's behaviour we must appreciate the frustration that they must be facing and thank God nothing worse has happened.
The last incident I personally witnessed was a fight which ended with two people in the pool and the police were called in to forcefully escort the miscriants out. I was embarrassed and angry.

We need to take a look at ourselves as well and stop blaming others for the stuff that reaches us.

Your post neglected to give a background as to how the verbal attack(s) originated so readers could understand why the action you intend to take is required.